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Key Binds

Post by Stands With Bandaid » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:36 pm

One thing to remember about the key binds is you can save them to any key you choose. Example: /bind F1 can be replaced with F7.

. /bind F1 gensendMessage Vipaction_Overworldmapteleport activate
. /bind F2 gensendMessage Vipaction_Mailbox activate
. /bind F3 gensendMessage Vipaction_Sealvendor activate
. /bind F4 gensendMessage Vipaction_Bankvendor activate
. /bind F5 gensendMessage Vipaction_Professionvendor activate

This next bind is a toggle. Press it once and it will summon the companion. Press it a second time and it will dismiss it. You may want to check on your companion page to insure that the summoned companion is in the top slot and the little arrow the the left is selected on the one summoned. It can sometimes summon the wrong companion on accident if you don't.

. /bind F6 gensendmessage Pets_Summon_Unsummon_Button Clicked

The next bind works on all chat channels you want to bind. Again, you can bind any button of your choice.

. /bind f7 channel_setcurrent "RC QAR Guild"

This bind is for the DC. It will also work for Bane with the OP.

. /bind e "Hardtargetlock 1 $$ target "place main dps name here" $$ +PowerTrayExec 3 $$ Hardtargetlock 0"

These are the main ones used in the Guild/Alliance. Here is a link to a Neverwinter wiki page with many more binds.


I hope you find this information useful and as always, Happy Hunting!!

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