CODG Push/Pull No Fall Tips

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CODG Push/Pull No Fall Tips

Post by Integrity » Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:30 am

I did not write this, but I found it on the reddit page, it looked legit. Many things I did not know. ... codg_tips/


"I recently got some proficiency around the push pull mechanism and thought I would share, and ask for more feedback. There are many great articles online for most of the Cradle’s mechanics, but the Push/Pull mechanics are quite vague, mostly video’s showing people being effective at it. Here are some suggestions and things I’ve learned. Feel free to add below.

Know when it’s coming: Watch some videos just to see what everything looks like. When the big zombie baby in the center stops attacking, all of your damage turns to zero’s and he starts to lower into the pit, it’s coming, so get ready, and into position. (keep reading)

Push: The push comes from the faces on the outside walls (not the center). By the time you see the wind, you should already be in position and start responding. The wind builds up to full speed pushing you towards the center quickly. It will pulse about three times, and lasts about four seconds.

Slack: After the four seconds, there will be a one second slack. The wind will stop, and you will be standing still.

Pull: The faces on the outer walls will suddenly breath in in a quick burst, and you will fly towards the outer edges.

Positioning: It is the faces on the walls creating the wind, so you do not want to be in front of them. Look for the broken bridges between the faces, and put yourself in front of one (broken bridge). This will reduce the push some, and the pull a lot. Move to the outer edge first before the push starts.

What to do: This is what you see in videos. (PUSH)Move against the push for four seconds anticipating the slack. (Do not get too close to outer edge, stay just inside). After two seconds, if you are not moving backwards, let yourself drift back a bit (NOT PAST THE HALF WAY POINT). Do not try to time it so you end on the opposite edge or you will surely get pulled off. The push will accelerate as you approach the opposite end. When slack occurs (not before) immediately move to the opposite edge (towards center) as fast as you can without a sprint or shadow walk. (PULL) don’t fall off continue walking till it stops pushing you. Read tips below.

Paladins and Gaurdian Fighters: – Use your shields and you are fine. Don’t complain about others, you have no idea.

Watch out for Speed buffs: (all of cradle)Before you even get a chance to to Push Pull, someone might just shoot you off while you are simply walking. Dark Rilvary, Shepards Devotion and a few others can give you massive bursts of speed. Tap your controller(movement key) in the direction you want to go before assuming you can move.

Dragonborn lumbering space hogs: (All of cradle) Try not to get too close to the edge. Dragonborns will push you even if they don’t mean to. For some reason the devs decided to allow dragonborns to shove people around. They love to go first at everything. Troll or not, they can push you off, so stay back, even if it means you are not as effective. The team would rather have you there, and no dragonborn will apologies or admit they did it. Everyone will just think you fall. (I guess the other option is to become dragonborn.

Get your movement speed up: This is the one no one tells you. Your movement speed will make a big difference. I personally suggest getting your movement speed to at least 14% (5500 IL) at level 70. Cheap trick, use “Guardians Guile” mount bonus, it will give you a 15% bonus. It sucks to trade something else for this, but it might save your life. Movement speed will allow you to recover some, and will help you learn. It was what changed me from a 40% fall rate to a 1 in 15 or 20 fall rate.

Don’t do the whole run around in a circle thing: You can perfect the diagonal sprint, or the circle SW shadow walk, but it’s very unforgiving. Basically you are flying infront of faces, and bridges through your whole trip making this process less predictable and harder to master. If you are an expert at this, good for you, I don’t suggest it though.

Get into position sooner rather than later: Everyone has a job here, support or DPS, running away from the team is not very melty of you. However, people won’t boot you for being a bit slow on an exhalt, or not power boosting for a few seconds, they will boot you for falling. So, especially if you are new, when you see the signs coming, get into position, and consider getting away from others that might influence your movement stats. That means until you have this, hover away from the crowd a bit, so you can move into position early.

be kind, help others, grow up an act like you've been there: Now you have mastered Push/Pull. You're kinda a big deal in teh Cradle community. Chicks and dudes dig you. Take a second, invite someone into your party, help them with a few tips. Tell them to ping you once they get it, and you'll do more runs with them.

** Especially if they are in your party or alliance. That's how you get new players to run with you."
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