Castle Ravenloft on GF: Running as Support DPS

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Castle Ravenloft on GF: Running as Support DPS

Post by Integrity » Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:27 pm

Castle Ravenloft on GF: Running as Support DPS

Sisters of Fury notes
-When you have aggro, you gain stacks of (not sure what its called, but the shape is a red diamond) on your debuff bar. At 10 stacks, she floats into the air and says something like "Join my army of the dead." Then she hits you with her attack to clear the stacks. Raise your shield to block this, or it will instantly kill you.
-When she uses her chains attack and says, "Attack me if you dare," if Jagged Blades is active, it's usually OK. It will damage whoever has the chains on them, but I haven't seen it kill anyone yet.
-When she uses her chains attack, if you get the chains on you, you can shield up and bump her with it, it will reflect small damage to you, build stacks of SWW and AP.

Arcolith boss notes
-I find it difficult to use SWW here, but possible. If you block his IBS attack, he will then spin and you will have to crash him into a pillar. Still, many times I opt out of using my shield at all during this fight and slot Steel Grace instead.
-Depending on the main DPS, this can be a longer fight. I prefer Knee Breaker over Griffon's Wrath for this fight. Especially if the cooldown reduction is on point I just spam kneebreaker and crushing surge after the WMS debuff.

Strahd Von Zarovich boss notes
-The sunlight buff that you get from picking up the sword does stack 5x, but each stack is 80% damage resist, which is the hard cap. 1 stack = 5 stacks. It's the same. I believe this has been tested and confirmed by Sharp, but still people take turns picking up the sword to stack it 5x out of supersticion or caution.
-Since the main DPS has the sunsword, our damage vs. the boss is mostly unimportant here, and fall into more of a support role, even as DPS GF. A good team should not give you enough time to damage the boss in any significant way.
-Why is it still important to stay DPS? If the main DPS gets pulled into the basement, we need to be able to quickly kill the 4 Nightmares that appear during this phase.
-Using KV is helpful for everyone, even you. Why? It can both help maintain stacks of SWW during Nightmare phase, increase your AP gain while shielding, which in turn keeps everyone alive by maintaining your Shepherd's Devotion buff and Villain's Menace uptime. 95% of damage during this fight is environmental, not from the boss, so knight's challenge is not a viable source of protection for your team.
-If you get pulled into the basement, you can hide from the things chasing you in the corner next to the door, and they will not attack you.

Here's what the sunsword can do to the boss in the hands of someone capable: ... lueBlaster

Yes, I have played as main DPS, unfortunately even though you can block while you have the sunsword, it does not proc Shield Warrior's Wrath. In addition, you do not have access to Villain's Menace, or Knight's Challenge, or ITF when you have the Sunsword. We are essentially robbed of many of our tools to help us do damage, on each boss fight of this dungeon. For these reasons I recommend embracing second place on paingiver with open arms, it will make your life a lot easier. That being said, going even on the paingiver up until the main DPS gets the Sunsword is often normal, depending on the other people buffing and the party comp.
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